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ATM/Visa Check Card

The Fairview Savings & Loan ATM/Visa Check Card is available to all checking account holders. Now you can have the convenience of making purchases without writing a check. It is also your ATM card that you can use to make cash withdrawals at thousands of ATM's worldwide 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Bank by Mail

Deposits and loan payments will always be accepted through the mail and will be posted the same day they are received.

Cashiers Checks

Cashiers checks are available for a modest fee. Limitations apply for non-customers.

Money Orders

Money Orders are available for a nominal fee. Limitations apply for non-customers.

Online Banking

Banking 24 hours a day from the privacy of your own home or office using your personal computer. All activity is personal, confidential, and completely secure.

Night Drop

A night drop box is conveniently located on the West side of the bank to ensure customers a safe and convenient way to make deposits or payments after hours.


Notary services are provided free of charge. We have several notaries on staff to assist you. A photo I.D. may be required.

Personalized Checks

Contact us to order your Personalized Checks.

Stop Payments

If you have had a check lost or stolen, call us as soon as you become aware of the problem and we will put a stop payment order on that item. There is a nominal fee for this service.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer services are available for customers of Fairview Savings & Loan Association. We can transfer funds to another financial institution within the same day. We also can receive wire transfers on your behalf. A fee is charged for this service.

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